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What Experts Really Think about Male UltraCore™

Picking the right male enhancement supplement is never easy. How would you know if a pill would really give you the results you want? If you’ve used male enhancement pills before, you’d already know that not every pill is capable of producing mind-blowing results. That’s why it’s always smart to turn to experts and find out what they think before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll talk about Male UltraCore™ and what experts really think about the product. For starters, Male UltraCore™ isn’t your ordinary male enhancement pill. Customers say that it’s the most effective pill they’ve tried, and the science seems to support the formula.

Why customers buy Male UltraCore

  • •    No prescription needed
  • •    100% natural ingredients
  • •    Highly-potent standardized ingredients
  • •    Cutting-edge technology
  • •    Money-back guarantee

All these benefits appeal to male enhancement customers, but what’s in Male UltraCore™ that makes first-time customers want to buy the product?

Think about the first time you bought your favorite multivitamin. Do you remember why you chose to buy that specific brand? You may have found an advertisement that appealed to you, but chances are, it was a shot in the dark when you picked that specific brand, not knowing whether or not it will work for you. Now, supplement buyers have become a lot smarter by turning to experts whenever they plan on buying a specific supplement brand. By knowing what experts think about a product, consumers now can have a little bit more information before going all-in on a product.

A big reason why customers are motivated to buy Male UltraCore™ is that of the overwhelmingly positive reviews that it received from customers. It’s hard to dispute the fact that real customers love the product so much that they took the time to write a review about it. For customers, it’s all the proof they need to buy a product. However, a customer’s view might not be the same as an expert’s review. For one, customers would only review from their personal experience, while an expert would dig deep into the science and tell you if the product works or not. In this article, we’ll give you our own expert take on Male UltraCore™ and compare it with the remarks of other experts about Male UltraCore™.

Francis C.

Francis is a supplement critic and a botanist by trade. Francis has a Master’s Degree in Botany and Microbiology. He has been involved in the supplement industry for nearly 15 years, with 10 of those years working as the R&D head of a multinational supplement company.

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Male UltraCore

Male UltraCore Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

Why is Male UltraCore popular?

Male UltraCore™ isn’t an overnight sensation, but it was clear from the beginning that it will be a game changer in the world of male enhancement. Instead of simply releasing the product to the public, Male UltraCore™ put their product in the hands of experts and influencers and gave them the challenge of reviewing the product without influencing their opinion on the product. As expected, the talk about Male UltraCore™ followed, making sure that the product is well-known even before it was released to the public.

Another reason why Male UltraCore™ is popular is that it didn’t rely on clever marketing stunts just to get the people to notice the product. For the most part, it was only the product of time-tested word-of-mouth advertising that gave Male UltraCore™ the edge. With so many users that say Male UltraCore™ is the best product they have ever tried, it helped Male UltraCore™ cement itself as the best male enhancement product the world has ever seen.

Male UltraCore vs Other Male Enhancement Pills

Male UltraCore™ shines brightest when compared head-to-head with other male enhancement pills as it exceeds not only in end-user results but in individual ingredient comparisons as well. Male UltraCore™ edges the competition in the following categories:

  • •    Ingredient quality
  • •    Supplement technology
  • •    Customer service
  • •    Satisfaction guarantee
  • •    FREE Membership
Male UltraCore Enhancement Supplement Ingredients

Ingredient Quality

Compared to other male enhancement pills, Male UltraCore™’s ingredients are definitely superior when it comes to potency. Other male enhancement ingredients only use powdered herbs as their ingredients while Male UltraCore™ uses standardized extracts on its core ingredients. Powdered herbs are the easiest to obtain as it is quite simple to produce. All you need is to dehydrate the herbs and crush them down to powder form. The dehydration process shrinks down the herb to roughly 20% of its weight, giving a 1:5 ratio of raw material to its powder form. Male UltraCore™’s standardized ingredients go through a more rigorous process of extraction and filtration to obtain a standardized extract of the active compound in each herb. Based on estimates, less than 1% of the total raw material content is produced as a standardized extract. Compared to powdered herbs of the same weight, standardized extracts can be 50x more potent and could even be more efficient in providing the benefits as the active components are already extracted from the source.

Supplement Technology

Most male enhancement supplements do not invest in technologies to make their formulas more efficient and effective. Male UltraCore™, on the other hand, developed two technologies to create a synergistic effect that combines precision dosage and timing to create the best results in male enhancement. Male UltraCore™ uses STEM Technology as its primary testosterone boosting complex, and VI-PEX Technology for its blood flow-boosting aspect. Together, these technologies are responsible for achieving the peak erection size in men.

Customer Service

Male UltraCore™ has one of the best customer support teams in the business. Aside from the usual on-line e-mail support that every other supplement company offers, Male UltraCore™ engages its customers on three different customer service channels – e-mail, online chat, and phone support. Male UltraCore™’s customer service hotline is open from 8AM to 1AM EST, enabling Male UltraCore™ to serve more customers due to its extended hours.

Satisfaction guarantee

Male UltraCore™’s satisfaction guarantee is simply the best in the business. The company gives customers up to 90 days from the date of purchase to fully evaluate Male UltraCore™. If they decide that they do not want Male UltraCore™ anymore, they only have to contact their customer service hotline to request for a refund. They will be given instructions to return the product, and once the returned product is received, the full refund will be granted to the customer.

FREE Membership

One of the best things about Male UltraCore™ is its FREE membership plan. Since male enhancement supplements are designed to work over a period of time, it would be smart on the part of the customer to plan ahead and purchase the product in bulk to get a significant discount. Male UltraCore™, on the other hand, gives customers a much more attractive proposition by offering a free membership that would give them exclusive discounts. Members are entitled to get 50% off on every bottle starting from the first bottle. The best part of the membership program is that you are never locked-in to the membership. You can cancel any time, without any penalty to cancel. You still get the 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

The SCIENCE behind Male UltraCore

We dug deep to learn the science behind one of the world’s greatest products. Here are some of the things we discovered while studying the science and the ingredients of Male UltraCore™:

  • •    Penis enlargement is a myth
  • •    Erection size varies, and peak erection size can be achieved
  • •    Too much testosterone can be dangerous
  • •    Accurate dosage and timing is important
  • •    Real results are achieved over a period of time

Peak Erection Size

Male UltraCore™ is perhaps the first male enhancement supplement that we’ve encountered that openly discusses and dismisses penis enlargement as one of its benefits. According to Male UltraCore™, penis enlargement is a myth, and science appears to support the fact. According to numerous studies, the penis stops growing by the time you reach the end of puberty, and gaining mass is virtually impossible. Male UltraCore™, on the other hand, helps you reach your peak erection size every single time by improving blood flow through vasodilators and combining it with testosterone boosters to amplify your erection. Achieving peak erection size is something all men can relate to, and Male UltraCore™ simply allows it to happen every single time you get an erection.

Sustained Testosterone

Testosterone is a wonderful thing – it helps build muscle mass, it helps you experience better sexual pleasure, and it makes you a better sexual partner. However, too much testosterone isn’t good for your body. Testosterone is metabolized into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone by two enzymes – the aromatase enzyme and the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. Estrogen is an anti-androgenic hormone that counters the effects of testosterone on your sexual performance. Too much estrogen could cause erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia (man boobs). DHT, while a strong androgenic hormone, could cause an enlarged prostate. By inhibiting the enzymes that metabolize testosterone, the dangerous buildup of these testosterone metabolites could be prevented, while simultaneously building up free testosterone, which contributes to better erections, libido, and sexual performance.

Male UltraCore Technologies

Male UltraCore™ uses two technologies to power the formula – STEM and VI-PEX. STEM stands for Sustained Testosterone Enhancement Method, and VI-PEX stands for Vasodilator Ingredients with Penile Expansion. These two technologies work hand-in-hand to produce the peak erection size that Male UltraCore™ is known for.

STEM Technology

STEM is basically a blend of testosterone boosters and testosterone stabilizers that work parallel to each other. While testosterone boosters work to increase testosterone production, testosterone stabilizers work to reduce testosterone metabolites, and in effect, builds up free testosterone levels. The result is an increase in libido and sexual endurance like no other product in the market can achieve.

VI-PEX Technology

VI-PEX is an excellent pairing of vasodilators (nitric oxide boosters) and PDE-5 inhibitors to prolong and intensify the vasodilation effect. Nitric oxide boosters allow blood vessels to dilate, which improves blood flow instantly. However, nitric oxide boosters are naturally limited by cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase-5. By inhibiting PDE-5, Male UltraCore™ effectively improves blood flow for an extended period of time.

STEM and VI-PEX combination

With STEM in full swing, the user gets aroused much faster than usual, and the natural erection process that focuses blood flow to the penis is further improved by the vasodilation effect. The combined effect of VI-PEX and STEM allows the user to achieve peak erection size every single time. This would not be possible if not for the precision dosage and timing that is made possible by these two technologies.

What we think about Male UltraCore

Based on what we learned about Male UltraCore™, it’s easy to understand why customers and experts are talking highly about the product. There’s no question that Male UltraCore™ is an effective product, and it’s not just on paper – their satisfied customers are living proof that Male UltraCore™ absolutely works.

Male UltraCore™ may not discuss it openly, but Male UltraCore™ is actually a combination of 3-5 different products, which are actually sold on the market individually. Yes, you can buy them as standalone pills if you want to, but you’d end up paying 2-3 times as much.

ZMA is sold as a standalone pill. It is primarily marketed towards bodybuilders who are taking testosterone supplements. KSM-66 is a standardized Ashwagandha product. They even have their own website where you can purchase KSM-66 capsules. Longjack is also a standalone product with a 30% standardized extract of 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one, the active component of Longjack. Fenugreek can also be purchased separately, with a 50% standardized extract of fenusides. Lastly, its proprietary blend uses 80% of the ingredients found in Trexapro, one of the leading male enhancement brands today. That’s a total of 5 supplements blended into one kick-ass stack, and further enhanced by accurate dosage and technologies.

All these make us think that the price you pay for Male UltraCore™ is definitely worth it. Even at its retail price, buying Male UltraCore™ is a no-brainer. If anything, Male UltraCore™ isn’t for those who are looking for cheap supplements. Male UltraCore™ is a premium supplement, and its ingredients speak for itself. If you want the best male enhancement supplement out there, this is the only supplement you should consider.

What experts think about Male UltraCore

We talked to some of the well-known supplement experts and here’s what they have to say about Male UltraCore™:

Male UltraCore™ is the first male enhancement supplement that I bought for myself. You can imagine how after all these years of reviewing supplements that I finally decided to get one for myself. All the other products that I came across before simply didn’t have the level of refinement that I found with Male UltraCore™. This is one well-made supplement, and I’m glad I got one for myself.

Steve W.

I’m still in the process of testing Male UltraCore™, but my initial impressions about this product are that it’s definitely effective. I’m just in my third week, and I can already tell that it’s working. Before I even tested the product, I had to do my own research about the ingredients and the science. It’s definitely legit. 100%. You’re the 5th person to ask me about Male UltraCore™ this week. I have yet to complete my own review about Male UltraCore™, but stay tuned.

Harry F.

Although time can only tell if Male UltraCore™ would really live up to its claims, I can concur that the product is definitely in-line with scientific facts. Sexual enhancement is always subjective, but with Male UltraCore™, it’s almost a complete guarantee that it will work, science-wise. I’m glad that one product finally shuns penis enlargement because it will never really happen. I’m looking forward to its erection size increase benefit. The concept is definitely unique, but plausible. I’d have to try the product out to confirm 100%.

Benny G.

Our team has reviewed Male UltraCore™ and found it to be 100% safe and effective. Yes, penis enlargement is a hoax, and finally, Male UltraCore™ is there to confirm it. It’s a bold move to shun the #1 selling point of male enhancement pills, and it was only made possible because Male UltraCore™ offers something better – a realistic increase in erection size. Increasing erection hardness is a scientific possibility, and that’s what Male UltraCore™ is all about. Forget about those pills that claim to increase size. This is the real deal.

Tim S.

As a guy who worked in supplement development for 10 years, I can only imagine the work that was poured into Male UltraCore™. This is next-level supplement development in an industry that thrives off of men who just want to chase their fantasies. This makes the fantasies real, or at least as close as they possibly can. Male UltraCore™ sticks to the science, while every other product has some lie to tell their customers. Male UltraCore™ shows the industry how to do it right.

Kevin M.

Male UltraCore Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a prescription to buy Male UltraCore™?

No. Male UltraCore™ is a health supplement and therefore does not require a supplement to purchase it. To get Male UltraCore™, simply order online at

Is Male UltraCore™ safe for older men?

Yes. Male UltraCore™ is safe to take as long as you are healthy. If you are taking medication for an illness, please check with your doctor first before taking any kind of supplements.

Can I buy Male UltraCore™ at my local pharmacy?

Male UltraCore™ is exclusively available on their main website, We have yet to determine if they have an official distributor who will sell the pills locally. However, you can save a lot by purchasing online and signing up for their free membership that will grant you 50% off the retail price.

Can I ship Male UltraCore™ overseas?

Yes, you can. If you plan to ship overseas, call their customer service hotline first and inquire if they can ship to the overseas address where you want to ship Male UltraCore™ to.

How long does it take to get my order?

Male UltraCore™ pills are usually sent via USPS standard shipping. You should be able to get yours within 3-8 business days after ordering.

How does Male UltraCore™’s free membership work?

Male UltraCore™’s free membership is a no-obligation, 100% free membership offered to interested Male UltraCore™ customers. Members get an exclusive 50% discount on all Male UltraCore™ purchases. By signing up, you also get a bottle ordered and sent to your address every month.

How to get Male UltraCore at 50% off

Do you need a prescription to buy Male UltraCore™?

Getting the best sex of your life is priceless, to say the least, but it doesn’t hurt to save on your monthly supplement expenses either. That’s why Male UltraCore offers a huge 50% discount for all active Male UltraCore customers who have completed the 3-month milestone on Male UltraCore!

All customers who have regularly received Male UltraCore for at least three consecutive months will get an automatic upgrade to the Premier Loyalty Pricing. The program gives customers 50% off Male UltraCore for as long as they maintain their active subscription with Male UltraCore. By continuing your Male UltraCore supplementation beyond the initial three months, you continue to preserve and improve your sexual performance – the only difference is, you get a 50% discount.

The discount gives you the option to get the Gold and Platinum packages for much less. With the Premier Loyalty Pricing, you only pay $49.95 for the Gold package and $59.95 for the Platinum package. For reference, the Silver package normally costs $79.95. No matter how you look at it, you end up saving at least $20 every month once you’ve reached your 4th consecutive month!

On top of your savings, you also get discounts and free access to Male UltraCore’s partner services. Premier Loyalty customers get access to, the total home fitness program that helps you shed fat and tone your muscles in just 30 days. XR30 is one of the most recognized home fitness programs today, and you can definitely get your best results when taking Male UltraCore.

To get all these benefits and discounts, all you have to do is maintain your monthly Male UltraCore subscription – that means no cancellations or declined transactions during your first three months. If you have problems charging your account, make sure to call 1-800-514-5448 to preserve your account eligibility.

Try Male UltraCore Yourself!

We hope that our Male UltraCore™ review will help you understand Male UltraCore™ better. Hopefully, the information we shared with you would help you make an informed decision when buying Male UltraCore™.

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